June 3, 2010

Where the Flower Birds live: A visit to En Kerem

We left Jerusalem on the third day and headed for a small village in the hills around the city: En Kerem! It is so beautiful that I would love to have a house there =). It reminded me of an Italian mountain village... small nice houses, lots of flowers, cloisters, cafés and a great view into the valley! We strolled the streets of En Kerem and visited a wonderful cloister garden!

This beautifully embroidered dress is borrowed from my friend H. She bought it in Jerusalem some time ago. The scarf is a gift from my mother, the bag from the Old City, shoes are H&M, ring by Six, earrings from a mall in Jerusalem, sunglasses stolen from my sister. I love this blue door!! =)

Delicate flowers in En Kerem. We saw (for the first time in my life!) a wild kolibri here, a bird living from the sweet liquid of blossoms!!♥♥

Close-Up on my embroidered bag from the Arabian market in Jerusalem. Very practical!

Christian monks live and pray here (my shoulders are properly covered^^).

It is a really amazingly beautiful place! (with Mediterranean/Oriental flair).

♥I adore petals....easy to guess :P

A bracelet from Jaffo Street. It reminded me of the ocean... it is this moment when you are under water and then look up against the sky and see how the light breaks through the surface =).

One of the myriad salad variations here! We all eat very healthy.

I hope you enjoy the impressions from my Road Trip. The next three weeks will be extra busy for me (getting up early, going home late), so for now I plan to get some sleep^^. Sweet dreams for you! =)♥ 


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  1. Natürlich haben wir :D
    Aber beim Flashmob waren irgendwie alle so verwirrt das der Tanz nicht richtig funktioniert hat^^ Das war dann schon ein bisschen peinlich.

    Wie lange bleibst du eigentlich noch in Israel? Seit ich deinen Blog lese will ich da auch unbedingt mal hin.


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