July 21, 2010

A Midsummer Night's Dream

This is my favourite dress from Jerusalem: over and over covered in roses^^.♥
I found it in a small shop on Jaffa Street. The lenght is ideal!

We were going out that night to the beach to have drinks in a small bar.
The wind is execptionally warm, like from a blow dryer!

Dressing up and going out in the evenings feels like you are on holiday.
I rarely go out, because I want to keep up with my work.

Easily my favourite summer outfit =). But then, what else can you wear, when the temperatures don't significantly drop during the night??!^^


July 18, 2010

A desert night in white and gold

Wearing white requires caution: not the best choice for someone as clumsy as me...=)

We went out for drinking a coffe together (yeah, at night, totally normal).

We go out after dark, when the temperature starts to drop a little. I bought this shirt with golden leaves from fellow blogger Jules. The shoes are a gift from my friend Jess. It is really cool that you don't get cold at night here.

Cordial greetings to all my readers!